SETÚBAL - S. Julião - Hotel / Residential for sale in the center of Setubal Setúbal › S.Julião, N.S. da Anunciada e S.Maria da Graça

  • Verkauf 664 000 €


Objekt-Nr.:: HT-L1670

  • Beschreibung des Immobilien

    Hotel / Residential located in the center of Setubal, in an area with a few buildings of historical and touristic interest. The building is from ground floor to 3 storeys with traditional trade and restaurant establishments in the ground floor and housing on the upper floors.
    The Hotel is made up of 1st floor for the common areas, and the 2nd and 3rd floor has bedrooms.
    The street where the property is located is exclusively pedestrian.
    • Verkauf 664 000 €
    • Distrikt: Setúbal
    • Grafschaft: Setúbal
    • Pfarrei: S.Julião, N.S. da Anunciada e S.Maria da Graça
    • Zone: - - -
    • Zustand: Trifft nicht zu
    • Objekt-Nr.:: HT-L1670
    • Kategorie: Hotel
    • Grundstücksfläche: 426 m²
    • Energiekategorie: C
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