LISBON - Cascais - Villa for sale in a fantastic condominium with 7 villas, near Quinta da Marinha, in Cascais Cascais › Cascais e Estoril

  • Verkoop 940 000 €


Referentie: G5-L1705

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  • Property description

    With prices from 940.000 euros, come see this beautiful, distinctive and cozy condominium, built using the finest materials. Located in one of the most valued areas of the Cascais region, near Quinta da Marinha, between the hills of Sintra and the Atlantic Ocean.
    It's enveloped in an absolutely peaceful setting, just a step away from some of the most renowned world golf resorts, fantastic five-star hotels, equestrian infrastructure for over 230 horses, the best restaurants, bars, prestigious shops, entertainment areas and the new Cascais Marina, being also a worldwide recognized location for water sports such as sailing, surfing, diving and underwater fishing, just like pedestrian trails, a wide network of bicycle paths and climbing circuits.
    The condominium is located just 5 minutes from the A5 highway that connects Cascais to Lisbon - 20 minutes from Lisbon. Suitable for families looking for a quiet area to live in, with good access and infrastructure.
    The villas, of course, draw attention for its generous size: 5 bedrooms, with 250 square meters of covered area, surrounded by an outside gardened area, for common use, with an outdoor pool. Drawn from the harmonious fusion of various architectural concepts of Mediterranean inspiration, having been designed to ensure a harmony of experience and community.
    Each villa consists of 3 floors with an excellent sun exposure.The ground floor has the entire living area open to the garden with swimming pool, common to all the condominium. This floor also includes a dining room, a fully equipped kitchen with dining area and storage room, a bathroom and an office that can be easily converted into a bedroom.
    The upper floor is entirely dedicated to the bedrooms, with 2 suites with balconies, 2 bedrooms and a shared bathroom.
    Downstairs we find the private parking spaces.
    Do not miss out on this opportunity and come see for yourself!!
    • Verkoop 940 000 €
    • District: Lisboa
    • Provincie: Cascais
    • Parochie: Cascais e Estoril
    • Zone: - - -
    • Staat: In aanbouw
    • Referentie: G5-L1705
    • Natuur: Huis
    • Typologie: 5 Slaapkamers
    • Bruikbare vloeroppervlakte: 250 m²
    • Energie Categorie: In proces
  • Locatie

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